What is TikTok? How TikTok became a $ 75 billion app

In today's day an app named Tiktok is in trend, Which is being used by all the people from the younger generation to the old and making videos and it is also making people popular.

But do you know the whole story about how to create this app, how did it name Tiktok? If you are listening to the name of this apps for the first time, you will have a question in mind, What is Tiktok?

Do you know that this apps were temporarily banned in Indonesia. India also tried to ban it in the state of Tamil Nadu, but the youth were very interested in it, due to which the ban could not be done there.
What is Tik Tok? How Tik Tok became a $ 75 Billion App
What is Tik Tok? How Tik Tok became a $ 75 Billion App

What is Tiktok?

Tiktok is a social media app that provide facility to share by creating short mobile videos. It is a social media platform where you can connect with people as well as video chatting, plus you can create a variety of videos here.

This apps are the most downloaded and used apps all over the world. It has the facility available of Lips sync. Lips sync means any music in your background, audio is running and you just have to run your lips accordingly.

There are plenty of options in this app that can help you put four moons in your video, meaning you can make your video look better and more beautiful.

Showing your artwork in short video, sharing knowledge, Creating videos with different types of animations to make every moment of your life beautiful is the mission of this app to make every moment of the user beautiful.

In this day, millions of people use this app, i.e., a video creator, so there is a video viewer. This apps have a lot of options to animate video differently. The most important features of this is Lips sync for which these apps have become popular.

What are the benefits of using Tiktok?

You know you can achieve a lot by using Tiktok yes. These apps have become so popular in the world that any person has to do his skills/skills. It is becoming the best platform to show art. People are more likely to use this apps than Facebook. Let us know what will be the benefit of the people by using it?

  • Using this platform, you can present your art to the whole world. Most people in the world have different arts in different fields, And we need a platform to showcase that art, From where we can reach out to the people to showcase our art, but most people are not able to go to big cities. Because of which they keep their art confined to themselves, but now you don't have to think, Now you can present your art to the world sitting at home.
  • Using Tiktok, you can create a lot of your fans in the world, which means you can be popular. Every person has a wish that we also know people, yes. Through this app you can connect with many loved ones of the world by showcasing your art.
  • Through this apps you can earn money too. Yes, if you're a video creator, you'll need to create a lot of fans to earn money from it. And people who love you too much will give you a coin that can make money. Learn about it all the details.
  • You'll be able to talk to people openly. A lot of people have been seen to be shy of talking to people But if you become a video creator on Tiktok, your shame will gradually be removed so that you can talk to people in a good way. In today's world, people love people who are active in speaking.

When and how did Tiktok start?

Today Tiktok has become a $75 billion app. But do you know when and how it started? In this post I will tell you the full story of Tiktok being introduced. Let's see how Tiktok started?

  • In 2014 ALEX ZHU and LUYU YANG thought of creating an Educational apps by two old friends. At that time, all the video content that was created on education was more long content And they thought of Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang covering educational content in short video so that people could easily get education quickly. Invest 2.5 Lakh dollar for this and also ready the product within 6 months of the team together with its team But when it was launched in the product market, it was completely flopped, i.e., it did not demand, Because people were not able to get full educational content in short video. 
  • They say that the mistakes that he makes go ahead because he gets to learn a lot from the mistakes he has made. A person who has never failed can't go much further. Alex learned a lot from her mistakes.
  • Once Alex was travelling on the train and they were thinking a lot Then he looked at the young people on the train who were taking selfies, making videos and share with their friends. This brought an idea to them to create a social media platform that has a combination of music, video, photo. These three things together can make people like videos.
  • One of their motives was that whatever content would be created would be short length because much larger video content people don't like to watch and listen to.
  • Now they didn't want to make much investment in their experiment, so they created apps in which they provided all the tools related to video creation so that creators (video-creators) can create a good video from themselves.
  • In this, they gave an option so that both creators and viewers could relate together, meaning two people could create videos simultaneously. You may have seen a lot of videos on Tik Tok that let two people create videos in different design.
  • In 2014, he launched an app named musical.ly. Add all the features mentioned above in this app. The apps started running but it wasn't trending, i.e., popular. Then they thought of adding something new they were once watching Lips Sync Battle in TV with music running in the background and people run their lips according to that music. It features they added to their apps and their musically apps began to trend faster too.
  • But they saw that when people share videos on social media, their logo hides so that their apps are not advertising, Then they thought of keeping their logo inside the video and did the logo inside the video, making their apps hype and trending the apps.
How did musically apps be named Tiktok?

In November 2017, a Chinese company called ByteDance bought musical.ly for 1 billion dollar. Whenever a company buys another product, it changes its name by adding extra features to it. Similarly, ByteDance added some extra features to it and named Tiktok from musical.ly.

How does the company make money from it?

Everyone in the world works only to earn money. The question in the minds of the people is, how will these apps earn money? Let us know how to make money:

  • It has put an option to purchase certain things inside apps, such as coins. If you want to support a creators, you can purchase coins that give your creators some money, as well as the company receives some money from it.
  • Advertising: Advertising is the best way to make money in the world. These apps can make money by advertising any product or a company, but are not advertising it until March of 2019. Maybe further advertising could take place.

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