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How Google Adsense works if you're new to the internet world, you'll have these questions in mind too. Today, we are going to tell you in detail about this so that you can understand it very well.
What is Google AdSense, How it works, Complete Information
What is Google AdSense, How it works, Complete Information

Google Adsense is nothing new for people who have been working on the Internet for quite some time But many people don't know about it but people who create new websites on the Internet Or if you want to make money by creating a new channel on Youtube, it's important for them to know about it Because even if you create a website or Youtube channel, it's all incomplete without it and there's hardly anyone who doesn't want to make money from their website or from Youtube So if you want to make money from the Internet, you should also know about this network because this network will help you a lot in making money from the Internet.

What is Google Adsense

As its name suggests, it is a Google product that works between the advertiser and the publisher. Since Google bought it from an applied semantics company in 2003, the network has emerged as the world's largest advertising network. When you visit any website, you'll see ads google displays on that website. When you click on these ads, google ads pay off some of it, while Google retains part of it, while part of it is given to the website owner.

The best part is that it doesn't take money to advertise in a website. This allows you to advertise in your website for free. However, Google costs ads on your website when certain conditions are complied with For information such as images, videos, and any kind of information available on the website, no one should be copied. In clear terms, Google Adsense is a network that allows you to make money by advertising in a website or Youtube channel.

How Google Adsense works

If you've now come to know about google Adsense, you'll also want to know how google Adsense works So as we've told you before, it works between advertisers and publishers. Advertisers are people or companies that want to advertise something they want to advertise.

For example, you want to promote your own website so that your website is visited by as many people as possible and visiting your website. For this, you give Google money to promote your website, then Google puts your website's advertising on the publisher's website.

When a visitor looks at your website's ad and clicks on it So it will give you new visitors and the money you've paid to Google is shared both the advertising publishing website and Google. This makes your website publicised in exchange for a few rupees, and it gives money to Google and the publisher's website. Advertising has a number of things to do in addition to website promotions that you can see by ads yourself.

You should also know its terms and conditions. Your website must have original content or content to advertise with this Google network. When you apply for it, their team examines your website, it takes about a week when they feel that ads can be placed on your website, they approve your account after which you can advertise on your website. Now you've known how Google Adsense works. Once again, it tells you that it's a network that works between advertisers and publishers. This network is so popular that almost all websites will see your ads.

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