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On Mount Sumeru, Saubhari Rishi used to make ashram and do penance. His husband-in-wife, Manomayi, was so rupavati that president Gandharva, etc., was all fascinated by his form.

Legend of Ganpati's Vehicle Rat
Legend of Ganpati's Vehicle Rat

  • Being the wife of Manomayi's husband and Saubhari, Gandharva could not dare to look at The Manomayi, but the name Kronch was not from a wicked gandharva.
  • Once the sage went to the forest bringing sticks. It took a reasonable time for the cronch to expropriate the Manomayi. He came to the ashram. Kronch grabbed The Manomayi's hand and pulled it with him.

  • Rishi's wife began begging her for mercy. At the same time, The Saauri Rishi arrived, and he cursed the cronch you have wanted to expropriate my wife like a thief, you become a mouse.
  • You have to keep hiding inside the earth and steal and fill your stomach.
  • Cronch fell into the feet of Muni and apologized, and my intellect was corrupted by cupid's influence, so I committed such a crime. You are kind, forgive me.
  • Repeated apologies brought mercy to Rishi. Rishi told him, "My curse cannot go in vain but i improve it. Because of this curse you will receive a lot of respect.
  • Rishi told him, ``The Maharishi Parashar will appear as Ganpati Gajmukh Putra, and you will be his vehicle, which will also make the deities respect you, "In the copper age.
  • His body was giant. Defiantness was already there. Because of the strength, he destroys all the things that come along the way.
  • Once he reached the ashram of Maharishi Parashar. There he broke all the clay containers according to the habit, desolate the garden of the ashram.

  • He munched all the clothes and texts. Lord Ganesha was also in the same ashram. Maharshi Parashar told Ganesh Ji about rat actions.
  • Lord Ganesha thought of teaching the wicked mouse a lesson. The loop reached the underworld chasing the mouse.
  • The loop stuck in the throat of the mouse and the mouse fainted. The flailing mouse in the loop appeared before Ganesh Ji.
  • As soon as the senses came, he started adoration of Ganesha without losing the moment and begging for his soul.
  • Ganesha was pleased with the adoration of the mouse. Ganesh ji told the mouse, "You have hurted the peoples a lots. I have incarnate for the destruction of the wicked and the welfare of the sadhus.I forgive you because you are a refuged.
  • I am pleased with you to seek a blessing. Crouch was forced by habit. As soon as Ganesha received his life, he woke up to the ego.
  • He spoke to Ganesha, I don't want anything from you, but if you have any desire from me, I will do your wish.
  • Ganesha smiled at the proud voice of the mouse and said, "If your word is true, you become my vehicle. The mouse said 'Tatstu' without delay.
  • Ganesha rode on it. His soul was in distress by the burden of Gajanan. He begged Ganesha to reduce his load and make it affordable, so Ganesha took pride in the mouse and made him his vehicle.
  • That is why, even today, people remember Lord Ganesha for the mischief of rats in their homes.

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