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There is a saying , 'If the horse befriended the grass, what will eat?' means that if the organism makes friends with its food, it will die hungry.

Every night the leopard comes to meet the cow secretly
Every night the leopard comes to meet the cow secretly, know what is the secret between the two

But this proverb has been proved completely wrong by a cow and a leopard. In fact, a picture of cow and leopard on social media these days is getting a lot of viral in which both of them are sitting with each other. As if the cow is caressing the leopard as its calf in the dark of night.

All the laws of nature faded ahead of the leopard and cow

In the viral photo, the leopard received such affection and love from the cow that all the rules of nature were discolored. It is said that the leopard baby now comes to meet the cow every night and sits down with it. Surprisingly, the cow also has no distress and fear from the leopard, and he also gives him the same love as his child. The photograph, which went viral on social media, has been shared by IFS officer Sushanta Nanda.

IFS officer Sushanta Nanda shares photo

Sushanta Nanda wrote in the caption with the photo that the prey and the hunter together, both embracing each other. He said that for many nights, the leopard came to the cow and lived with a while. This cow nurtured the leopard like a mother, which is why there is such love between the two. At the end of the caption, Sushanta Nanda has said that this is an old picture.
What is the story between cow and leopard

Sushanta Nanda gave the photo credit to Rohit Vyas. According to the information received, when the leopard came to meet the cow in the darkness of night, the nearby dogs were found to be hungry. It also revealed that the cow was coming. Although the cow also had many goats tied, the leopard did not harm anyone, When he came to the people, the leopard again ran into the jungle.

Incident in Anoli village of Vadodara

Parimal Nathwani, a former Rajya Sabha MP, has also shared the information about the viral photograph. He wrote in the caption with the photo, Neither bhuto nor the devotees! In the same photograph, it was very good to see the hunter and the prey embracing each other. The leopard had been visiting the cow for several nights, and the cow was like its child. Nathwani said that the photograph was taken by Rohit Vyas in the year 2002. The incident happened at Anoli village in Vadodara in Gujarat.
The behavior of dangerous animals also changes

When asked by the forest officer HS Singh about this relationship between cow and leopard, he said that it has happened many times when the behaviour of dangerous animals has also been seen to change. It is possible that when the leopard first rammed into the village, the cow would have given him love like a mother instead of intimidating him. Because of that love, the leopard often began to meet the cow.

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