Don't compare yourself to others - Job In india

Once a time, there was a boy in a city who was very poor. He could hardly raise 2 times meals by making wages.

Don't compare yourself to others
Don't compare yourself to others

One day he went to interview for peon work in a big company. The boss assured him for give job of his company.

But when the boss asked - "What is your email id"...???

Then the boy told the boss that I did not have an email id.

The boss looked at him with a very disgusting vision and said that today the world has gone so far and that you are the one who does not even have an email id, I can't hire you.

The boy's self-esteem was very hurt. At that time, there were only Rs-50 in his pocket. He bought 1 kg of apples from those 50 rupees and went sell door-to-door those apples and deposited Rs 80.

Now the boy buys apples every day and sells at home. For years, the boy's hard work was painted, and one day he opened his own company from where apples were supplied abroad.

After that, the boy did not look back and soon spread his business on a very large scale and became a street-print boy.

One day some media boys came to interview and suddenly someone asked – "Sir, what is your email id"...???

The boy said, "I don't have an E-mail id", all the people were shocked to hear and think that a billionaire man did not even have an "email id".

Then the boy laughed and replied: "I don't have an email id, that's why I'm a billionaire, if I had an email id, I would have been a peon today"...

  • The lesson of the story-every human being has some merit, stop running behind the crowd and recognize your talent and quality.
  • Stop comparing yourself with others and don't cry for luck that he has what I don't have, you have the goodness to move forward with what you have.

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