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Corona Bulletin: Patients' recovery rate is on the rise
Corona Bulletin: Patients' recovery rate is on the rise, recovery rate reaches 29 percent

The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Home Affairs today put forward new information and facts about the corona virus at a joint press conference. In the meantime, the Home Ministry said that the government is trying to provide more and more relief to the citizens during the lockdown. The ministry said that now the work of bringing Indian nationals from abroad has started. The health ministry said that one out of every three patients is recovering and the figure is continuously increasing.

Health Ministry says

  • A total of 37916 active cases so far.
  • In 24 hours, 3390 new cases have come, 103 people died. 
  • During 24 hours, 1273 patients have been cured. 
  • So far 16,540 patients have been cured.
  • Our recovery rate is 29.39 per cent. One in every three patients is recovering. This figure is continuously increasing.
  • No cases for 28 days in 42 districts
  • No case for 21 days in 29 districts. 
  • No new case has been reported in 36 districts for 14 days.
  • No case for 7 days in 46 districts. 
  • No case has come to the fore in 216 districts.
  • 21 hospitals have been approved for clinical tests of plasma therapy. 
  • Railways have converted 5231 coaches into Kovid Care Centre. 
  • These will be deployed at 215 stations where patients with mild and very mild symptoms of corona will be treated.
  • On the statement of the AIIMS director that corona cases can go to its peak in June-July, the health ministry said that if we do not follow the procedure, guidelines and rules, the matter is likely to increase.
  • Apart from community support, we need all kinds of cooperation.
  • The cases are on the rise in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi. 
  • The red, orange and green zones are decided on the basis of how much double-rate there is, how many patients are there, how many are getting right.
  • The list of red, orange and Green Zone will be released soon by analyzing the new data. 
  • Two days ago, the doubling rate was 12 days, but now there has been some decline in the case. 
  • The challenge is huge, we need all cooperation.

Home Ministry says

  • Buses, trains have been run for stranded people in other states.
  • Railways have run 222 special trains. About 2.5 lakh people have travelled so far.
  • Now the goal is to bring back the stranded citizens abroad.
  • The process of repatriation by aircraft and ships has commenced from 7th May.
  • People stranded abroad will register themselves at the embassy.
  • Passengers will be screened before boarding, only without symptoms will people be allowed to travel.
  • They have to give an affidavit that they will reach India and remain in quarantine at their own expense. 
  • After 14 days of quarantine, there will be a 19-test again.
  • Everyone will have to download the Arogya Bridge app on their phone. 
  • The Ministry of External Affairs will share the list of passengers coming with the state governments.
  • The facility has also been introduced for those who want to go abroad. 
  • The Navy ship Jalashv has reached Maldives, carrying 700 people.

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