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India has topped in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Government at a Glance 2017 report. It states that Narendra Modi led NDA coalition has secured 73% trust of people, highest in the world.

OECD’s Government at a Glance report presents an index of countries that trust their governments the most. It determines government’s trust levels by whether or not people consider their government stable and reliable, if it’s able to protect its citizens from risk and whether it can effectively deliver public services.

Key Highlights

Canadian government headed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was ranked second with confidence of 62% citizens. Turkey was in third place with 58% of the populace placing its trust in the Reciep Erdogan government. Russia and Germany were ranked fourth and fifth with confidence levels at 58% and 55% respectively.

US government led by President Donald Trump secured only 30% of the peoples’ confidence. United Kingdom led by PM Theresa May secured 41% of the peoples’ confidence. Greece was placed at the bottom of the list with a mere 13% of the people’s confidence.

The report states that government spending averaged 40.9% of GDP in OECD countries in 2015, up from 38.8% in 2007. In 2016, government spending as a share of GDP was highest in France with 56.5% followed by Finland (56.1%) and Denmark (53.6%). It was lowest Mexico (24.5%), Ireland (29.5%) and South Korea (32.4%).

The number of government jobs as a share of total employment remained at 18.1% in 2015, in comparison to 17.9% in 2007. The highest level of government employment, at nearly 30% of total employment was in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Asian countries accounted only 6 per cent of employment in Japan and 7.6 per cent in Korea. The government jobs in Japan (6%) and South Korea (7.6%) remained lowest.

About Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

OCED is an international economic organisation of 34 countries to stimulate economic progress and world trade Founded: 1961. It defines itself as a forum of countries committed to democracy and the market economy. It provides common platform for members to compare policy experiences, seek answers to common problems, identify good practices etc. Most OECD members are regarded as developed countries i.e. high-income economies with very high Human Development Index (HDI). Its headquarter is in Paris, France.